Valued members under the age of 25

It has come to our attention that our local aw enforcement officers and the DEA are having serious issues with concentrates being abused and/or possibly even too dangerous. Your ability to acquire concentrates is not a legal right, it is far more a privilege that has been occurring because law enforcement does see some value in allowing marijuana to be used in the medical community. This is not to be construed as recreational use, and this is why we demand all members have a valid MMMP card that was released under a physician recommendation.

Some members may not like how law enforcement is handling the situation. To those we can only suggest you no longer participate with our organization. Those that do not respect law enforcement are simply foolish and have no true understanding of what they do for us and the price they pay in stress protecting our lives.

As of yet we have had no request from any law enforcement agency to stop concentrate usage, however it may be a reality soon. We know they have been stopping other provisioning centers from doing so. This sends us a clear signal that something is wrong and people may be getting hurt by concentrates or else the men and women in blue would not be stopping this.

Because of our proximity to a high population of youth and students, we are the only dispensary in Michigan that requires you to be 21 years of age unlike all the other dispensaries that are 18 years of age and up.

As of today March 23, 2016, for any member under the age of 25 we are limiting the amount of concentrates to 3 grams per visit per day, with a 30 day max accumulation of no more than 10 grams. Our computer tracking software will alert us if you go over this limitation and prevent you from acquiring the concentrates. We realize we will be upsetting some individuals and we are prepared for those to be angry and possibly go elsewhere. We are simply respecting law enforcement and what they do to protect us and more precisely our children. If you do not agree with this then you have a right to choose and go elsewhere.

If law enforcement is reading this and want concentrates completely removed, please contact James Fifelski at so they can save their limited time and resources getting the real bad guys.

Exceptions may be made in limited situations. For example, if a person in a wheel chair fully immobilized is coming from over two hundred miles away and is 50 years of age, we may allow a greater quantity purchase of up to a 90 day supply.



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TreeCity Health Collective in Ann Arbor

If you are looking for a dispensary in Ann Arbor, we are located just minutes from downtown where we provide medical marijuana to patients throughout Michigan.

Marijuana Dispensary & Provisioning Center

At Tree City Health Collective we make sure our strains are diverse and high quality. However, you will need a Michigan Medical Marijuana Card to enjoy all that we have to offer. For more information, or if you need help getting the application process started, let us know today!

Call today to learn how you can take advantage of the health benefits of medical marijuana.

Our Provisioning Center is knowledgeable about state laws and local ordinances in Ann Arbor, so that you can relax and count on us. We strive to be a leader in the medical marijuana industry, which means we also put a lot of time into education about this controversial law. Therefore, if you have any inquiries, please call us today and let us help you understand how the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program can help you.

Treecity Health Collective is a full service alternative health and wellness facility that provides medicinal cannabis and natural homeopathic remedies.